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  • Three Squares Copper Blessings Wall Hanging

    Ten Commandments | Menora | The Western Wall



    The Ten Commandments, a symbol of the covenant between God and the people of Israel.

    The Menora, a Holy vessels in the “Beit HaMikdash”, a distinct symbol of the Jewish people and of Israel,

    a symbol of Light and Miracle.

    The Western Wall is a relic from the “Beit HaMikdash” , one of the holiest places of the Jewish people.



    Ten Commandments Menora The Western Wall

    • Sizes

      Choose between three different sizes:


      Small: 4.4" x 12"  | 11x30 cm

      Medium: 5" x 14.4"  |  13x36 cm 

      Large: 6.4" x 14"  |  16x45 cm

      See dimension chart in product gallery

    • Materials

      Copper, Glass Beads, Acrylic Color

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