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Thanks to the teacher, a quote attributed to Janusz Korczak about the meaning of being a teacher.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The square with the famous sentence written by Janusz Korczak, which describes the importance of teaching, I designed out of my need to give a gift to a special teacher who taught my two children. I combined the square with two more squares of tree and hamsa, because I knew she liked hamsas and I wrote her a personal dedication at the back. When I gave her the gift, she was very excited, she told me that just yesterday she mentioned this sentence in a conversation with her husband and told him that she wish someone would write her a dedication with this quote.ֿ I was very excited that I made her happy. Towards the end of this (special) school year, I want to recommend to you a special and original gift to the teacher or someone who has guided you and you wont to thank. I can build a mobile with a personal choice from my squares collection, at the following link: Materials: love, copper and glass beads. Available in three sizes: Small: 4.4" x 12" | 11x30 cm Medium: 5" x 14.4" | 13x36 cm Large: 6.4" x 14" | 16x45 cm

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