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Copper  Bird symbolizes human soul and represents the good, the joy, the wisdom and the intelligence


Unique Copper Art


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Ahuva Elany, Unique Copper Art, since 2003.

Graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem.

 As an Israeli artist, I have always strived to reach people's hearts through my artworks and share with them my love for Israel.

The beauty of Israel and the variety of symbols of Judaism are the source of my inspiration.


My unique artworks are handmade, made of copper.

This ancient, malleable, warm metal has a variety of colors of deep red, orange and green, I just can’t resist in this such of beauty. 


My creations are the result of love, joy and countless hours of thought, time, and effort.

I am grateful for the ability to create, express and share with others.


I offer a diverse selection of precious wall judaica art. offering blessings of Luck, Life, Health, Happiness, Abundance, Love, and Prosperity,

Makes a wonderful housewarming gift for any occasion.

Can be decorate any room or space of your house.


Ahuva Elany

A picture of a wheat field hand made by  Ahuva Elany


M. +972-52-5156688  |

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